Agri-Business roles

Provide a range of skilled, professional services to farmers and farm businesses across New Zealand’s largest industry.

Well-known corporate organisations and smaller independently owned businesses have roles in agri-business which gives you options to work and live either in a large city centre or a smaller rural town.


Agricultural Roles

Agricultural Contractor

You’ll be supplying a variety of services to the primary sector and using your knowledge and passion across general operations. From specialist roles such as cultivation, seed drilling, and harvesting, to the hands-on work of hedge cutting and agricultural lime and manure spreading.

Agricultural Technical Advisor

You’ll be advising farmers, growers and organisations on business, production, land management solutions, crop and livestock management. As you’ll be visiting and training clients you’ll need to be a people person arranging contracts and payment details for products or services.

Environmental Roles

Environmental Analyst / Scientist

You’ll be working to understand the impact of land use on the environment and using science to develop solutions based on physical catchment considerations like soil and rainfall. You will work on their application to support on-farm change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contaminant losses to waterways.

Environmental Consultant

You’ll use your knowledge and understanding of cultural values, heritage, and Te Ao Māori to help farmers operate sustainably whilst ensuring the business is fit for the future.

You will require an understanding of the regulatory laws and compliance requirements needed to guide farmers and help them apply for consents and permission.

Using your overall knowledge of farming you will help address environmental issues such as water pollution, air quality, and soil contamination for a better environment.

Environmental Engineer

You’ll work to solve issues of water quality, water supply, waste reduction and disposal, soil and air quality management, and noise. Evaluating and assessing the impact of engineering projects, design equipment and systems, and developing regulations and controls.

Professional Services

Extension Partner

You’ll work for DairyNZ helping farmers make decisions around people, finances, land and livestock management. You will facilitate the flow of information coming from the research and development teams at DairyNZ to the farmers and back again.


You’ll provide economic research and evidence for the agricultural sector, by examining the impact on rural industries and communities, and evaluating national and regional policy. Economists may advise governments and businesses, develop or assess economic policies and plans.

Farm Advisor / Consultant

You’ll work hard to be part of your clients’ inner circle providing professional independent advice. Farm Advisors / Consultants cover many areas from how to improve the profitability, efficiency, and sustainability of farm systems to specialist topics such as fertilizer, dairy, or animal breeding.

People Capability Specialist / Developer

You’ll love people and be passionate about getting the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right roles on the farm. Growth of individuals in the primary sector is important to you, as well as good people management and motivating workplaces.

Rural / Retail Services

Just like urban areas, our rural communities rely on the retail sector to support their livelihoods. There are a variety of options; from working at a farm store helping customers and making sales, to a role as a sales representative who visits farmers to give technical knowledge and provide up-to-date information to help farmers make decisions.

Rural Accountant

You’ll love numbers and using your accounting knowledge to provide systems and services relating to taxation and the financial dealings of rural businesses. You’ll prepare financial statements, record the amount of money spent and received, check budgets and file GST on behalf of your clients. You could be employed by an independent accounting business or a larger “big-four” accounting firm such as KPMG, PWC, Deloittes or Ernst & Young.

Agri-Business Banker

You’ll help farming clients achieve their business goals. Few other sectors face so many variables: weather, world markets, and exchange rate fluctuations. It’s hardly surprising that when it comes to banking, farmers’ requirements are very specific; from buying or selling land, livestock and other assets.


Agri-Business Pathways

Secondary School

Secondary School is a great foundation for your agri-business career. Ideally you’ll have a tertiary qualification from a polytechnic or university.

We suggest including subjects like English, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Modelling; Science, Maths with Calculus, Economics / Accounting, Geography.

After leaving secondary school you can either learn on the job, or study towards a qualification while working.

Tertiary education

Many tertiary institutions offer agri-business related certificates, diplomas, or degrees. Find out about the course, the campus, city life, and the lifestyle you can expect.


About DairyNZ

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